11 reasons the world needs a Beyoncé and Solange joint album

Over the years, Beyoncé and Solange have publicly supported and admired each other's artistry, revealing a sisterhood deeper than a mere familial relationship. Five years older than her sis, Beyoncé solidified her presence as the breakout vocalist of ‘90s R&B group Destiny's Child. Although Bey initially rose to prominence, Solange gained recognition and cultivated a strong fanbase of her own with her critically acclaimed 2016 album, A Seat at the Table.

13 of TikTok’s biggest stars

There's no denying the influence of TikTok. Clips and viral sounds on the app are responsible for spotlighting music industry newcomers like Ice Spice and 4batz, sweeping them into what feels like a sudden ascent to success. The popular platform has also transformed the impact and reach of content creators. It has allowed them to develop from the early iterations of Instagram influencers to attaining a type of celebrity status complete with invitations to the Oscars and million-dollar brand deals.

11 Brands To Shop for Colorful Home Decor Finds

Every home needs a bit of color (even the neutral, minimalistic ones—yes, that lush corner of greenery counts). No matter the design style of your home, it’s essential to create visual interest through colorful elements along with shape, pattern, and texture. While some interiors call for rich-hued yet understated additions, like a navy throw pillow on a beige sofa in an organic modern living room, others require a little more glamour with shades that pack a bold, playful punch.

Should You Filter Your Water for Skincare?

Skincare content on the internet is far and wide, with videos like “This is my self-care routine,” or “I’m an esthetician, and this is what I recommend,” or the newest trend, “I’m a dermatologist, and these are things I would never do” circulating daily. When you see someone with glass skin telling you how to get yours so supple or how their lifelong hormonal acne resolved within months of prioritizing gut health, it’s tempting to buy whatever they’re selling, literally.

5 Signs You've Outgrown Your Current Design Style

Your living space impacts mental health, productivity, and overall satisfaction, so how you decorate it is a big decision. When you find yourself avoiding time at home, it’s a sign that your current design style might not fit your needs anymore. Sometimes, the problem could be simple or hard to pinpoint, like an uncomfortable couch that just needs fluffier cushions. Other times, the problem is more apparent, such as the mint walls in your bedroom that you once loved but now wish you painted a ne

17 most iconic R&B album covers

Music is an experience, an intentional work of storytelling, and a means of expression that uses sound, lyricism and imagery to convey direct or underlying themes. The curated illustrations and visuals that accompany an album are a definitive part of the creative process and shape how listeners view the project and the artist. Back when shopping for CDs was a thing, and even now in the streaming age, cover art remains at the forefront of the narrative.

5 Home Office Additions That Will Elevate Any Workspace

You’ve transitioned from your old full-time commute to a remote or hybrid work life, but does your home office feel and look complete? Modern workplace designs feature inspiring and eccentric decor in common areas yet leave much to desire when it comes to individual workspaces. The idea of sitting in a cubicle dressed up with a few framed photos is still just as dreary as it appears in all those 90s movies centered around characters wishing to escape the monotony of a soulless desk job.

Valentine's Day Decor To Fall in Love With This Year

We would say love is in the air, but that’s a little cliché, don’t you think? Valentine’s Day is all about the sweet nothings, from small kindnesses like a single rose placed on the office chair to confessions of adoration tucked in pink envelopes to intimate soaks in candle-lined bathtubs, but let’s be honest, sometimes romance can get a little cringy. Although gestures that show our loved ones’ affection for us are always welcome, the thought of propping up a teddy bear with a heart attached to the arms and the words “You are bear-y special” next to the contemporary sculptures on the painstakingly curated shelf in your living room probably makes the interior designer in you want to scream.

5 Budgeting Apps That Will Actually Help You Save Money for a Home

As the cost of living rises, saving enough for your first home can feel like a daunting—even unobtainable—milestone. So, how can you do it? One strategy is to create and maintain a budget, which allows for greater control over spending and serves as a visual habit tracker. By knowing where your money goes every day and setting limits, you can work toward building financial security and long-term wealth.

Saving To Become a Homeowner? Here's What You Should Know

Becoming a homeowner is still a facet of the American Dream that most young adults or blossoming families strive to reach by a particular stage in life. For many Americans, however, the milestone of signing off on your first home is more unattainable than ever. If you’re pinching pennies left and right each year, but somehow, the down payment on a property in your desired neighborhood is always out of reach, even if just slightly, you’re not the only one.

9 Home Design Shows To Inspire Your Next Renovation Project

From tranquil japandi to quaint farmhouse and every style in between, home design shows offer an inside look at what it takes to repair, renovate, and transform even the most dilapidated homes into one-of-a-kind gems. Both the savant and the apprentice can take something from the grandeur of the properties on The World’s Most Amazing Vacation Rentals and the picturesque results of Dream Home Makeover. It’s not just the designs that fans come to love, but the human aspects of the seasons that make the shows worth binging, too. Some of the most popular—and our favorites—master the perfect combination of personality, skill, creativity, heartfelt moments, and sometimes a little drama or a lot (Selling Sunset). So where should you start, or what should you watch next?

7 Celebrity Home Design Collections and Collabs to Shop Right Now

While you are probably familiar with several celebrity collections across beauty and fashion, did you know that some of Hollywood’s most famous dabble in home decor? From Reese Witherspoon to Lenny Kravitz, these home brands and collaborations represent their tastes and styles down to the very last detail. A nod to who they are outside of what they do for a living, each of their products embodies the people, places, moments, and things that inspire them.

Where my girls at? 15 best R&B girl groups of the '90s

Where my girls at? The ’90s gave us some of the best hip hop and R&B records to hit our speakers, ushering in a strong class of sensual, edgy and ingenious girl groups that dominated the iconic era. Among the best of these groups was unmistakable artistry led not only by futuristic sounds, relatable lyrics and female empowerment, but also by style and individuality so captivating that it echoed through the bedrooms of young women everywhere.

Iconic TV kid characters — where are they now?

Black sitcoms hold a special place in the hearts of fans everywhere. These beloved shows unapologetically represented and showcased the nuances of Blackness, bringing laughter and tears along the way. Many viewers felt seen for the first time watching characters that looked like them sharing their stories. The relatability of shows like “Family Matters” or “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” was almost like a precious gift, so much so that they defined eras.

Hosting Essentials: These Seasonal Cocktails Will Spice Up Your Holiday Party

There’s plenty to raise our glasses to during the holidays. From gift exchanges with family and friends and ringing in the New Year, ’tis the season for toasting with a sip of something bubbly. While a bit of prosecco in a gold champagne flute with a pretty garnish can go a long way, serving craft cocktails at your next party will create an even more memorable experience. And what better way to celebrate seasonal flavors, like pumpkin spice and egg nog, than with themed drinks?

The Ultimate Guide to Luxury Furniture Brand Outlets and Their Amazing Deals

Luxury furniture outlets offer a rich collection of elegant designs, inviting shoppers to explore sophistication in their living spaces. These outlets of impressively curated collections typically stock almost everything that’s available online but at a lower price. From contemporary chic to traditional farmhouse styles, the detailed craftsmanship of each piece is more than enough to rave about. The discounts, however, are the real promise. Plus, you won’t have to wait months for delivery.

Wall Prints We're Loving From These 5 Emerging Black Artists

While original art pieces sell for hundreds to thousands of dollars, wall prints are an alternative for incorporating these works into your home. Prints are available in multiple sizes, and you can mix and match them to create a custom gallery wall full of diverse pieces. Smaller artists particularly benefit from print sales, and what better way to support your community than highlighting the work of a new class of creatives?

5 Simple DIY Projects That Have the Power to Completely Transform a Room

You don’t have to spend weeks or months on your DIY project for stunning results. Although it may not look like it, some of the most impressive DIY transformations only require a few quick steps and inexpensive materials. Whether you want to craft a trendy decor piece because it’s always out of stock in the color you need or to elevate that vintage dresser you found at the thrift store, you can DIY.

These Minimal Upgrades Are the Secret to Better Showers, According to TikTok

Simply feeling warm water on your skin reduces stress and promotes relaxation. So, it’s no surprise that upgrading your showers elevates the quality of the experience. When we want to take our washes to the next level, our routine is the first thing we look to change. Evidently, that’s why sharing shower essentials is trending on TikTok. ICYMI, the hashtag #showerroutine has over 2.8 billion views, with users giving insights into their nightly self-care.
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